Storyline Record Screen and Insert Zoom Region

Sep 23, 2013

I have recorded a simulation using storyline's record screen - but the UI i need to record is very wide - which ends up making the type very small.  I can use the Zoom Region to focus on the parts of the product I want to display at any given point in time - but I need to move to different areas throughout the simulation.

I know in one slide I can do two zoom regions back to back and it will pan - this is really nice - but when I go from one slide to the next, even if the zoom region stops at the end of one slide and another starts at the next slide, it doesn't pan.

So I created a pseudo-pan by selecting the same area as the previous slide for the zoom region for about 1/2 second and then panning to the new area.  This works - but there's no way to make sure that the zoom region is in the exact space as the previous zoom region - I am using the gridlines ruler and guides but it's not precise enough.

has anyone run into this before?

it would be nice if it allowed us to resize - like you can with shapes and and reposition based on coordinates

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Terry Coe


I guess I wanted to refresh this thread because it is the exact same issue as what I am working on. I have a 60 second video that covers how to bookmark, and create a shortcut to an internal website. The Zoom Function is great when using one or two in a slide, but it seems kind of jarring when they are too close together to zoom all the way out to full screen and then back into another zoom within a few seconds. Has there been any successful attempts at panning from one Zoom to another?

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