Storyline Recording area not fitting slide space

Oct 14, 2019

I'm unable to get my screen recording to fit the storyline slide. I'm using the following settings: (screenshot attached)

Story Size 1920 x 1080
Recording area 1920 x 1080

I get a different outcome when using my laptop (which is too small to achieve 1920 x 1080 recording area). When I do attempt to record, I go full screen and still end up with a recording in the middle of my slide (lots of white space all around it)

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Nicki!

Thanks for sharing the screenshot! I see exactly what you're talking about. 

When recording your screen, can you resize the browser to fit the entire recording area? The black screen is the default for the area not involved in the screen recording. 

Here are best practices for the Record Screen feature in Storyline 360.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Nicki!

You're doing all the right things by matching the story size to the screen recording one to avoid scaling. I'm so sorry this issue is happening!

To help us explore further:

  • What are your DPI settings? (We'd typically recommend using 100% or 96 DPI.)
  • Are you using dual monitors?

Let me know, and we'll look into our next steps from there!

Nicki Atkinson

well, good news! the black void is gone today. Now I'm getting the extra white space as I would expect when my recording area does not match my story size.

I changed my scale to 100% (it was at 150). I am using an additional monitor connected to my laptop.

So my new question is, how do I match my story size to my recording area AND not include the extra parts of the screen the learner should not see? I've attached a screenshot to show my two results.

thanks for your support!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Nicki,

That is great news! Glad to hear the black void is gone! 

It sounds like you are on the right track when setting up your screencast. I would just be sure that these tips outlined in this guide are being followed when sizing your screencast: Recording Screencasts: Size and Position the Recording Area

If you are following those tips and it doesn't seem to help, please let us know! 

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