Storyline Reporting & Tracking option for Adobe Connect LMS

I have a client who how uses Adobe Connect LMS for reporting and tracking, according to these articles ( 


Storyline’s publishing settings to publish for an LMS as AICC content, you can set to track using quiz results or track using number of slides viewed for Connect, etc, etc.  Well the storyline course will play but still does not track the time spent in the course.  Also I'm sending them the zip file for upload so I don't have access to the LMS to see what's going on there.  Need your help, otherwise I have to convert all my courses to captivate that does work for them.  Help!

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Steve Gannon

Hi Bill,

I haven't had a need to deploy a Storyline project on Adobe Connect but some time ago I had to do so for a suite of Articulate Studio projects a few months ago so I'm betting the steps are the same. Please see this link:

On that page, you will want to be sure to look at the link called 'SCORM to Connect - Walkthrough'.

It all may seem a bit overwhelming at first but once you've done it once, it's pretty quick and easy. Essentially, you're just putting a wrapper around your published content so that it's recognized by Connect.

Hope that gets you started!

- Steve Gannon

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Steve Gannon

In the walkthrough (and further down on the page with the walkthrough link) it says "Copy the SCORM-based content into the “content” folder". This means that you publish your Articulate project for SCORM 1.2 and then copy that unzipped published set of files and folders into the wrapper's 'content' folder.