Storyline result value handled with Javascript

Nov 11, 2013

Hello E-Learning community,

I am doing a template in storyline and need some support on how to handle specifically the result values with the javascript option. Unfortunatley, i dont know javascript myself so im unable to figure this out by myself.

This is what i want to do:

- The result value after completing a normal quiz needs to be taken with javascript and added as an parameter into the url. Does anyone know if that is possible?

- In general, is there a list of variables in storyline from which  javascript is able to interact?

If anyone can point me into a direction or even provide a starter snippet would be greatly apreciated!


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Michael Hinze

Hi Nicole, welcome to the community!

The exact syntax of the Javascript will very much depend on what mechanism (e.g. PHP, JSP, etc.) you use to 'post' the quiz results as part of a URL. Her is some generic info on how use Javascript with Storyline. You can read (pass them on to a JavaScript) system variables like 'Results.ScorePoints' . Also, you can read/write (pass them on to a JavaScript, manipulate them and pass them back into Storyline) any custom variables.

Nicole Wagner

Great info! Thanks for the fast reply.

I will have a friend help me out with this soon so i'll let you know how we are going to do this.

Not sure if i have to create a new thread, but i'd like to ask a few other questions which i could'nt  find the following options for:

- Audio/Video controls(play/pause/stop/seekbar) of media inside a quiz - not the actual player outside.

- A progressbar that indicates how far you are into the quiz

- The current amount of points scored while taking the quiz

Any infos on that is very apreciated!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nicole! I thought I'd pop back in to give you some links for your subsequent questions:

Video controls: If you add a video from website (for instance) you can have an option to include a playbar if you want to let learners scrub through the video, the volume slider on the Storyline player will control the volume of the video, and you can layer other objects on top of the video. Read more about that here.

Progress Bar: Storyline custom progress bar

Cumulative results in Storyline or you could use a results slide.

I hope that this gets you started

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