Storyline - Resume/No Resume Functionality - What Output File is It In?

We originally launched our courses with the "prompt to resume" feature turned on, but now we need to disable it.  For varying reasons we would really only like to change the file where this information/choice gets outputted from Storyline, and not the course as a whole.  Can you anyone tell me where this information/data gets output and in what file...ex: is it wrapped into the story.swf, or in the configuration.js, or one of the XML files?


Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura,

Without seeing your file or knowing more about where you're hosting it - it's difficult to say. Did you test in another browser as well to confirm that clearing the browser cache worked as expected for this new version you've uploaded? Also this thread is a bit older, so I'd want to know more about what update and version of Storyline you're using to publish the project. 

If you'd like to share your file with us here you're more than welcome, and you can use the "Add Attachment" button at the bottom of the reply to upload it here for our team and community to take a look at. If you'd prefer to keep it private you may want to upload to our Support Engineers here.