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Jonathan Bacon

Fern, Jeanette helped me earlier with the Bananas game and I incorporated it into a larger menu of games I'm constructing. You can find the .story file at https://www.box.com/s/lsc6q1jiqgteqyu5m919 Week 4 uses the Bananas game. I also needed  to substitute questions and it took Jeanette's reworking to help me get it to work. So you should be able to adapt the Week 4 scene to your purposes. 

Fern McCracken

Hi Jeanette, thanks so much for reviewing my project.  https://jeanette.viewscreencasts.com/3222924729fe4f0783ee19b0d7e54ebb 

Oh boy, that was so simple I can't believe I missed that. I think I was so caught up in learning the new trigger functions in Storyline that I missed the obvious. I will be changing the music to something that is more celestial but thanks for the clarification on copyright. Your help is greatly appreciated. Keep up your fabulous sceenrs they are such an inspiration.


Angela Forero

Hi Jeanette, you examples are so cool! thanks so much for sharing those files. I have a question, if I design a game like the bananas one, would it be possible to distribute it using itunes? Also, is there a way of locking the presentation so that people who gets it can't share it with others? Thanks a lot!

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Angela, I just saw your other post regarding the itunes question, and replied here.

As far as restricting access to your content, the best way to do that would be to deploy your content through a learning management system or Articulate Online. This would allow you to set up logins/passwords for each approved user so that only people with the right credentials can log in and view your content.