Storyline Source File Not Updated by Original Creator - Issue!

Here's a question that I think I know the answer to, but I'd like validation.  One of the ID's on our team created a course with resources attached.  We had to make an adjustment to one of the attached resources (all pdf) so another ID opened the source file, removed 1 of 3 pdfs to upload another in it's place.  After publishing and loading to the LMS, only the new pdf file would open.  The other two pdfs were listed, but nothing opened up.  Is this because they did not reload the two existing pdf docs at the same time? 

Thanks, Mary

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mary!

It sounds like all PDF's in the Resouces were opening correctly until one PDF was removed. Now the remaining two PDF's won't open when clicked. 

I haven't witnessed an error like this before with PDF's so let's start here:

  • Were the PDF's added from a shared drive or local drive?
  • How was the project shared between coworkers?
  • What happens if you add the PDF's to the Resources tab again? Does that do the trick?
  • Which version of Storyline 360 are you using? We are currently on Update 39 (Build 3.39.21985.0).

If you're interested in connecting with a Support Engineer, here's a link where you can upload your file!

Stewart University

Hi Lauren! Thanks for responding. We just renewed our subscription and have the most current version of SL. I think the resources were added from a shared drive and not a local drive.  We did add the resources again and they all opened once the course was published. 

While local drive is the best way to ensure the documents attach, I've seen the same situation happen. If someone else opens the SL source file the documents are not attached when the course is republished.  And that happens even if nothing is changed. 

Thanks again!