Storyline Suspend_data decipher

Oct 23, 2012

I have exported a storyline lesson to scorm 1.2 and uploaded on my LMS.

I have see that suspend data is compressed. My questions is, there is  is a way to extract info form compressed data? I need only to know  last slides view and total number of slide.

Thank you

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David Kelling

It would be REALLY great to be able to know how many of the screens have been viewed AND what the score is (you can track by sides viewed OR quiz result, not both which is a disappointment.)  A way to figure out what screens have been viewed from the suspend data would be really helpful and allow us to show not just users' score but also how many screens have been viewed which is desirable in compliance situations. Please consider this another plea to release info on deciphering suspend_data.  Thanks

Ryan Walker

Hi all,

I don't understand why staff are suggesting this is a feature request.  It seems like more of an information request.  It's already possible to decipher the string with machine code -- we can be sure of this because Articulate's software does it.  So, initially, it seems to me this comes down to whether Articulate wants its developers to tell customers how this is done... I think. 

If Articulate doesn't want its developers to disclose how it's done, I suppose that's a business decision and customers will have to accept that and/or use a different authoring tool.  If I understand correctly!

Ryan Walker

Thanks Phil.  Articulate's developers definitely know how to do this, so they would likely be the best resource.  Though it's certainly possible their developers aren't using a language that's relevant to me.  I'll need to do it in either javascript or PHP.

If someone on Articulate's staff can confirm that they do not wish to disclose this information to customers, then I'll know it's time to look elsewhere.

Christian Cuneo

Its not really a feature request that is needed for this. The LMS suspend data is already a part of SL, it already reads and writes the date to the LMS in a compressed format. We just need to know how to uncompress the string edit the data and recompress before submiting the data to the lms.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christian,

It is a feature request to uncompress it or make the current output human readable. It's by design that the data is compressed to allow for more data to be captured. 

What elements are you looking to edit? That would be helpful information to include in a feature request! 

Daniela  Figueiredo

We've had some issues with articulate courses freezing and content not loading, leaving the users on a blank page. As you can see here:

We havent been able to figure out what the problem is and meanwhile, users are getting stuck on a slide. We would be able to redirect them to the slide they viewed if suspend data was readable.