Articulate Storyline2 Content will not Load!


We have developed a course using articulate Storyline 2. While testing on one computer locally and online, content seemed to freeze on some pages (never the same one at different accesses) and simply would not load. We used IE 11 and as recommended the latest flash player version. Windows 7. Cleaning cache didn´t work and refreshing the course neither. On other computers content loads fine and navigation never was an issue. We are having trouble now that some users get stuck on a blank screen where you can only see the master layout and the content does not load. 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Daniela -- Thanks for reaching out with your question and sorry for your troubles! In case you'd like to review it, here is our System Requirements info for Viewing SL2 Content:

Content Format

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later, and one of the following browsers:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 8 and later, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 4.1 and later
Apple iOS Articulate Mobile Player in Apple iOS 7 or later on iPad
Android OS Articulate Mobile Player in Android OS 4.1 or later (optimized for tablets)


You may also find this information on Publishing and Sharing SL2 Content to be helpful, and if you continue to have difficulties, please see the repair step in #2 offered here

Daniela  Figueiredo

Dear Christie,

We tested the course output on a Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11 using Flash Player latest version. On some computers the course freezes, on others it doesn't. On the computer that seems to have trouble loading the content it never freezes on the same page. I already reviewed all the requirements and explored the forum for possible solutions, but didn't found anything similar. The problem is that learners are accessing the course and become stuck on a blank page.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Daniela -- Thank you for your follow up, and that behavior certainly does sound unusual! Could you please share your file so we are able to do some testing for you on our end to see if we encounter the same?

Please use this form to share your file privately, and if I am not able to reproduce the issue, I will be sure to escalate your case to our Support Engineers for further review. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Daniela -- Maintaining confidentiality concerning sensitive client content is common and certainly understood!

I wanted to let you know that your case, 00732179, has been received and I will take a look momentarily. I'll reply to you directly via email with my findings, but I plan to share overall updates on any resolutions reached here in the thread for others may have a similar issue and could benefit. :)

Daniela  Figueiredo

Dear Christie.

We are having a lot of touble with articulate and our client. The course seems to freeze on a random slide and there is nothing that the user can do to 'unfreeze'. Menu doesnt work anymore and next and previous buttons either. It works fine localy. Only on LMS platform this seems to happen. What can we do tou troubleshoot this issue?


Thank you for your help.



Daniela  Figueiredo

Dear Leslie,

I already shared a file with Eloisa. We tested the course and could not replicate the problem our client is having. Here are the issues:

Issue 1: Our Client freezes on random slide. Content will not load. The only thing visible is the Master layout. This error gets saved in LMS and everytime user acesses slide, it is blank and the only thing visible is the Master layout. No navigation is possible.

Issue 2: On the last slide (when reviewing), user can not use menu, back button or any navigation to go back and view content. Everytime user clicks on any button, Issue 1 happens: Blank slide, only Master layout visible.

Issue 3: When published in HTML5 the User freezes on slide "2.6 Segmentos". No navigation is possible. All buttons are blocked and nothing happens when anything is clicked.

P.s. We have been able to replicate Issue 3. All useres freeze on the same slide in Internet Explorer.

Issue 1 and 2 we have not been able to replicate.

Thank you