Storyline Templates Accessibility?

I'd love to adapt one of the beautiful Storyline templates from the Content Library to use as we convert some of our business courses to a hybrid format. Because we are a university, it is critical that anything we do is 508 compliant. Can anyone share experience or feedback on whether those templates are compliant "out of the box" or if a lot of work needs to be done?

I'm fairly new to the higher ed field and want to make sure I'm not creating more work for myself by using one of the templates. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

The templates are essentially content neutral and any imagery/text you have in them is meant to be a placeholder.

You'd need to make the content you add meet your accessibility requirements. The  key is to learn to use the features (in link below).

Also, most people do the accessible features after the fact. As you map out your content (especially media)  you want to consider the accessibility requirements upfront. This helps you get the info you need and to make the trade-offs in production (such as which interactions work and which don't for people with different needs).

Here are some relevant links: