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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi A M,

Currently you can't remove these banners or the X. You CAN access the Review layer with a trick I learned from a Jeanette Brooks Screenr and then you can place a shape over the X. The problem is, if you want the shape to blend in with the green or red color, I can't think of a way to tell SL to change the color depending on whether the answer was correct or incorrect (other than creating a gazillion variables, one for each quiz slide).

Maybe someone will jump in with a better work around. While we're waiting:

To create a shape to hide the X

  1. Click View >Feedback master
  2. Click the Review layout 
  3. You'll see there's a Feedback placeholder on that slide. You can move it offstage.
  4. Insert a shape and place it in the position where that X would appear. Format the shape as desired.
  5. Close the Feedback Master

To Create Access to the Review Layer

  1. Click on a Quiz question
  2. Click to Edit the question (at the top of the pane on the right)
  3. When the question window opens, type anything, even a space, in the Post-Quiz Review field at the bottom of the window
  4. Save and close.

Check out your shape

Back on the Quiz Slide, note there there is now a Review layer.

Click on this Layer to see that the shape has been applied from the Feedback master.

Check it out

Take the quiz, and click the Review button on the Results slide

Note the shape over where the X would have been

Note: you will need to Create Access to the Review Layer on every quiz slide.

As I said, if you want it to blend the shape in with the Red or Green, I don't know how to get it to change color.

Transparent Shape will Prevent Clicking/Closing

You can make the shape transparent, and it will still prevent learners from clicking the X, but they will still SEE the X.

Set the transparency by right-clicking on the shape (remember it's in the Feedback master) and dragging the transparency slider to 100%.

Jeanette's original screenr about hiding the Red/Green bar is here.