Storyline & TinCan - Object Description

Nov 22, 2012

Hello there

I am currently working on a custom LRS where TinCan statements can be posted and recorded.

We are trying to make it work with Storyline published objects, using the "Tin Can API" output option when publishing.

We currently import the published object in our LMS and run it from there, and everything seems to work as expected: The object posts to our LRS all statements when needed, and the LRS records them.

Nevertheless, there is a big question we still haven't been able to answer. 

When posting a statement, the definition and description of an object is always missing (or given empty), and the only info available about the object is its id (and type when applicable).

Looking at the tincan.xml of the object, we can clearly see the description, like <description lang="und"> Activity Description </description>

Is there something we are missing? Shouldn't definition and description of an object also be provided?

Thank you in advance.

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