Storyline - translated question banks are not copying

Sep 02, 2021

I have exported text to word file, had it translated and imported it back. Not sure if I did it in a correct way - I first had a 'master file' created with language selection slide [4 languages] and English version but the course splitting into 4 lines. Then I just took the English line, created a separate file for it - exported it to Word doc, had it translated, imported it back = translation appeared correctly on slides and in a question bank. BUT when I selected the slides and copied them to my 'master file', everything copied fine, but my translated question bank instead staying translated switched back to English. I am confused wy it happened? (occurred for all 3 translations).
I then tried to just copy the translated question bank and paste it in the course, but it just takes its original, English version.
Do I need to create a separate/new question bank for each language?
Thank you

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Ren Gomez

Hi Agata,

Thanks for reaching out. To confirm, your translated file is appearing as expected, but when you copy the slides into another file, your questions banks revert to English?

Have you tried importing the slides instead of copying them over to see if that helps? You can do this by going to File->Import->Storyline.

If that doesn't help, connect with our support engineers, and they can take a closer look at your files to figure out why this is happening!