Storyline Translation feature - Modifying


I need to translate my Storyline course into French. The translation is being done manually by a translation company. From Storyline, I've gone File > Translation > Export to Word.

In the Word doc that was generated, there are many rows that I do not want translated. My question is can I modify this Word document so I can indicate exactly what Original text rows are to be translated, and what rows can be ignored?

I'm not sure if can delete rows, as each row has an ID which is not to be deleted/edited. Can I shade the rows I want the translator to focus on a different colour? It's a big course so just want to avoid any errors when importing back into Storyline due to changes I make to the Word doc.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Stephen!

Great question! After exporting to Word, I wouldn't recommend modifying the text. However, you could duplicate the translation document in Word and modify the duplicated version. Just make sure to configure the translation in the original translation document. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!