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Nov 16, 2012

I have 5 slides.

Slide 1 has a button leading to slide 2.

Slide 2 has a button leading to slide 3.

Slide 3 has a button leading to slide 4.

Slide 4 has a button that leads back to slide 1.

From this point I have another button that has been disabled but visable on slide 1 to become enabled so when clicked it goes to slide 5.

All is working except that last part. No matter what trigger I choose it will not jump to slide 5.


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Lynne - without seeing your project it is hard to tell what is causing the problem. The only thing I can suggest is to check your trigger order.

I assume you have a trigger that says to change the state of the disabled button to normal when the user returns to slide 1 and another trigger that says to jump to slide 5 when the user clicks the button.

If so, you need to make sure the trigger to change the state of the disabled button to normal occurs before the trigger to jump to slide 5.

If you don't have a trigger to change the state of the disabled button to normal you will need to create one.

You will also need a variable because you only want to enable the button when the user returns to slide 1.

You need to set up a true/ false variable  - call it EnableButton and set the inital value to false.

On slide 5, add a trigger that says to change the value of the variable to true when the timeline starts.

On slide 1 add a trigger that says change state of the disabled button to true when the timeline starts if variable EnableButton is true.

Then add a trigger that says jump to slide 5 when user clicks the button.

Lynne Thomas

Hi Nanacy,

Thanks so much for the help. I must be missing something because it is still not working. I have attached a portion of the file for you to look at and perhaps this will make more sense.

The process I want the storyboard to go is:

1.1 with a view of the tab Pictograms however this tab is disabled




1.1 now the Pictogram tab is enabled and then


I appreciated your assistance.

Lynne Thomas

Nancy, that worked great! Thanks.

One last question...How would I go about setting up a trigger, so the user can revisit the previous tabs if they choose and the buttons not be disabled.

Looking at the template I sent you, there are multiple tabs. I want the user to go in a specific order thus the tabs are disabled. However once they visited a tab and they want to go back to review something, I need them to be able to move freely. Did that make sense?

Lynne Thomas


There is another slide that is called history as well as Haz Com. As I do want the particiant to go in order (thus the need to have the tab disabled until I want them to move forward) I do want the learner to have the ability to revisit different slides without them being disable. As an example:

Slide 1: Welcome slide

Slide 2: History

Slide 3: Haz Com

Slide 4: What's New?

Slide 5: SDS

Sldie 6: Pictograms

The learner starts on slide 1 and all tabs are disabled until the timeline ends and only the History tab is enabled. Then they are directed to click on the history tab. On the history slide all tabs are disabled and only the Haz Com tab is enabled when the timeline ends and then they are directed to click on the Haz Com tab. So this is how I want them to proceed. However, as the participant is moving forward (as example they are on the SDS slide)  and the want decide they want to revisit the History slide I need it to be enabled however letting them jump back to the SDS slide when they are done.

Did that make sense? I have the feeling I am making this harder than it needs to be.


Nancy Woinoski

 I had been thinking you could use the same basic structure that we set up for the Pictogram tab on your other tabs (i.e., set up a true/false variable for each tab and then add a trigger to set the variable to true etc.

So if you take the History tab as an example - you would create a true/ false variable called HistoryActive and set the inital value to false.

On the first history slide, add a trigger that changes the HistoryActive Variable to true when the timeline ends.  And then on any slide that contains the history tab, add a variable that says to change the tab to normal if variable HistoryActive is equal to true.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Lynne, I finally had a chance to play with your file and I believe I have it working the way you want it - the history, haz and whats new tabs are working.

When you take a look at the file, you will see that you are going to need a ton of triggers to get this working. The reason for this is that the menu is duplicated on each slide.  Take a look at what I have done and feel free to ask me as many questions as you need to.

One thing I would suggest from a design perspective is that I would change the disable state on your tabs to gray or something. Right now they are the same colour as the normal state so there is no visual clue when you active a tab at the end of the timeline.

Also - you don't need to add a trigger to set the state to visited at the beginning of the timeline - If you go into the edit state option you will see a dropdown list where you can select the inital state.

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