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Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a trigger for my Try Again Master Feedback slide. I have been using "Hide Layer" in order to allow my students a second chance at the question. However, this hasn't worked. I have been able to create a continue button which takes the students to the next slide for both a correct answer and a 2nd incorrect answer (thanks to a video tutorial by Brian!). But for the 1st incorrect answer, I want the Try Again button to take them back to the same slide. How do I do this?

Also, when the Try Again button (finally!) works, will the old answer given by the student disappear so that they can try a brand new answer? What would be the trigger to hide the Feedback slide AND erase the previous answer? Remember, I am trying to put this in a Master slide too so using the "Jump to" trigger and then indicating the same slide won't work because every one of my slides has the Try Again Feedback slide (they would all go to that specific slide). 



PS I included the file for this quiz in the post ...

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Peter Anderson

Hi Avery, 

Via Brian:

The Try Again button is special and is automatically generated for each slide. However, items added to the feedback master will not show up in the timeline. Thus, when you try to hide the layer on the custom try again button, Storyline doesn't know what layer to hide.

Fortunately, you can workaround this by using a simple adjust variable trigger. See the screencast below for more information.

Justin Lloyd

I would really like to know this as well. We have a drag and drop slide where only one selection is correct. We have both correct and incorrect feedback for their select choice, but we want the user to have a "try again" button after the first incorrect selection. On the second selection, we want either the correct or incorrect feedback to display. 

I hope I'm not hijacking the thread, it's the closest task that I found to accomplish this.

Ren Gomez

Hi Felix,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you're experiencing! Since this discussion is several years old, let's start fresh. It sounds like you'd like to reset the question after seeing the Try Again popup. 

Have you allowed for multiple attempts in the question? If you're comfortable sharing your .story file, feel free to share it with our support engineers, and they can lend a hand in testing your file.