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Oct 26, 2012

Till yesterday Storyline was working just fine but today it seems to be really tired (I know I am tired but my tiredness is surely not contiguous!!!).  I have restarted my computer several times.  I have un-installed storyline and then installed fresh install.  But nothing seems to be helping. 

Has anyone else experienced the same thing.  An instance of being slow - If I select a group of objects on the screen - say 4-5 objects, there is a delay in having them highlighted.  If I move these objects, then they do not move very smoothly.  There is a delay again.  Likewise, when I select some object from the timeline, there is a lag in seeing that item being highlighted on the slide itself.

Now I tested ppt on my system and that is running as fast as ever.  Just to say that my computer configuration is not an issue.  Again nothing drastic has happened over night to my computer, since till yesterday storyline was working just fine

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Phil Mayor

Storyline is not ppt so just because ppt works well does not mean that it is not your computer.

I have in the past experienced issues when using a large number of png files in storyline.  How much RAM do you have often increasing this can help the performance.  Although the tech specs reccommend 512mg this is really base RAM with nothing else working


Lisa Ogan

I'm having the same exact problem. After trying to select or move an object there is a delay of 5-10 seconds. It is very frustrating and time consuming. I also tried to reinstall with no improvement. Thanks to this post, I went in and opened up a different Storyline file and things selected and moved with no issue. I compared file sizes - the file without issue is 41mb and the file i'm having a problem with is only 16mb, so the file size is not causing the issue.

I did have a few high resolution images in this file that were scaled from inside the application.

I use Storyline on an iMac with 12gb of RAM in a virtual machine with Windows XP. I only had 2gb of RAM allocated to the vm so I bumped it up to 4gb but it did not help.

I guess I will scale down the images in Photoshop and see if that helps. IMO this should not be happening.

UPDATE: I rescaled the high resolution images in Photoshop and reinserted them. This fixed the issue immediately for me. There were only 3 high resolution images but they were like 4320x3240. I'm very surprised that only three images could cause this issue but am so glad I figured it out.

Payal Tandon

Lisa, it is interesting that only 3 pictures could create such a slow behavior.  But I am glad that you were able to solve this problem. 

I was also able to solve my problem.  I realized that the problem was limited to only 1 file.  The day before storyline crashed when I was working on this file.  Probably something happened during that crash that corrupted the file.  I followed the following suggestion of Articulate Support (I had submitted a case)

"If the issue only occurs in one particular project, you may need to troubleshoot the issue further with this Storyline file. Try importing the slides from this project to a new Storyline file, and see if this helps improve Storyline's performance. Here's how to import slides from one Storyline project into another:"

After I imported the slides to a new file, the slowness also disappeared.

Hope this helps.



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