storyline very slow on ipad

Sep 25, 2012


I found out that the storyline will be very slow, if you click to jump to a layer/ slide with a video on ipad whenever the wifi is on

this happens even if I had download the package onto the ipad

turning the wifi off will make the package go smoothly

but its not often possible to turn off the wifi, for example, when I need to do projection via apple TV

this seem to be a programming error?


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Bill Harnage

Are you viewing in the browser or ipad player?

Depending on the video size you can experience a slight delay in loading.  I've had some projects that will have 20min videos in them at 1024x768 and while there might be a 2-3sec pause while it loads, I haven't come across anything drastic.

Which ipad and ios are you running?

Joseph Leung

i view the package using the app

my videos are small, like only 5mb video thats like 2 min long

the slowness its not at the play button, it is from the slide before the video page

for example

if I have slide A, B and C

and the video is at silde C

when i jump from B to C, it is very slow whenever the wifi is on

its normal when the wifi is off

when you play your package, do you experience differently when the wifi setting is different?

i am using ipad2 running ios 5.xx (the newest 5.x)

Joseph Leung


sorry, i was unclear on the condition

it is the package would be slow if the ipad is connected to a wifi network while the wifi network is not connected to the internet

meaning the wifi router do not have a internet cable connected, then the package would be very slow when jumping to a slide with video

i will try and send you the package now

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