Articulate Storyline player for iphone

Aug 27, 2013

I am just wondering will there be an articulate storyline mobile player for iphone?  It works great on the ipad but when the story.html file opens in iphone browser, it is very slow and choppy.

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Alex Arathoon

I second this, I am working on a project that needs to be truly mobile friendly and not specifically tied to the iPhone. Issues I've noticed on the iPhone5 are: 1. when entering free text the slide advances before they are finished. 2. the content does not maximize thereby losing valuable real estate space. 3. the Prev and Next buttons are too small and other interactions such as the slider are very fiddly.

Alex Arathoon

Thanks Lesley. I've created a chromeless player and added custom buttons in the footer this has stopped the ugly iPhone Safari nav from appearing. Also recommend setting the font to a minimum of 16pt for legibility. My boss wants design to fit all unfortunately this means the desktop users will get a really simplified design.

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