Storyline video controls bar options

Aug 26, 2022

In one of the later versions of Storyline the controls bar of embedded video got changed. You now have the option of Dark or Light. But in contrast to the old video controls the new ones are bigger...and whats even worse they get pushed into and over the video... whereas the old ones just were added below the video.
See the image added...

Can that be changed back the way it was (adding the ctrls below the video ), because in a lot of cases this will hide parts of the video ( logos as seen here ) that are important.

Furthermore i would like to see more options. Now the only thing you can choose is 'Dark', 'Light' or none. I would really like to define height of the bar/icons and what icons show... as not all are needed all the time..

Thx in advance

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Tsvety Pendeva

Hi Jurgen, I had opened a support ticket, and they got to me next day, however they were reluctant to give me the link and were asking me to capture videos with the problem for them to review and to give me support, instead of giving me the link to the exact version I was asking - namely just before the June 2022 update. Storyline 360 became so volatile that will need to keep the Storyline installer version with every project we do in our archives to keep our clients happy.
Last night the support person I was working decided to send me the link, so I now have it.
Thanks for jumping with suggestion for future use!

Tsvety Pendeva

Hi Jurgen,
Yes, I'm painfully aware there are known bugs with those older versions, however the clients were happy with what was delivered then and wanted to do some small changes on the content without having me to re-do the 25 videos embedded (costing more money for them) into their courses using external JS-based controls as they absolutely do NOT like the new controls. They are in medical field industry - training surgeons on the use of their devices. They do NOT need accessibilities for their courses and they ask everybody taking the course to use Chrome or Safari. 

Tsvety Pendeva

Thank you, Steven! Yes - last night the support person that was working on my ticket - Phil - got back to me with a link for download and I was able to download the file. I thanked him immediately and let him know that I will install on the morning and get back to him if I have a problem with the installer. He did warned me that the version had known bugs and that a lot had changed with Storyline since then and I assured him I'm aware of that, however there's nothing left for me to do - I just want keep my clients happy and am on a very short dead-line.

Vanessa Barnes

I've set a trigger to show a layer when the video completes. It works great if the video plays in regular mode and in full-screen mode via the modern player button.

However, the trigger does not work if the user selects the modern, video control, full-screen button. The user has to exit the full-screen mode before the trigger activates. It would be great if the trigger worked as it does using the general full-screen button or if the modern video controls could be customised to switch off some options.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Vanessa,

Happy to chime in!

The reason why the trigger to show the layer after video completion isn't activated is that the active focus should be on the slide for the trigger to activate. When a video is viewed in full-screen mode from the video control bar, the active focus is temporarily shifted to the video. You're welcome to open a feature request if you'd like to share your feedback with our product team!