Storyline Video - it's too big in browser...

Aug 27, 2012

I have recorded videos using Storyline and have the video launching in a separate window when the user clicks on the play button. Only issue is that it is bigger than the browser window so I end up with a scroll bar down the right hand side. This does not work as the learner will have to keep scrolling up and down to be able to see everything.

How can I change this? Is there a setting when I publish that I have missed? Currently I selected:

- Movie tools options are set to Show Video In new browser window with show vido controls ticked

- Player options:

 "Other" Custom - Browser size: Resize browser to optimal size

Player size - Lock player at optimal size

Launch player in new window

Allow user to resize browser

Should I change any of these or is there something else I have to set up?

I am publishing to CD.

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