Course not playing in IE11


I have a course which I've published for LMS with HTML5 and Flash fallback.

The Browser Settings are set to:
Browser size: Resize browser to fill screen
Player size: Lock player at optimal size


When I open the course in our LMS in Chrome and Edge it works fine, but when I open it in Internet Explorer 11 it shows me a blank screen (pop ups are set to allow for the course to launch). 

I can open courses in IE11 if I have the Browser Settings set to 

Browser size: Resize browser to fill screen
Player size: Lock player at optimal size

Plus: Launch player in new window

However, this creates an extra Launch page which we're not happy with. 

Please can you advise why the course would not play in IE11?


Many thanks in advance,





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Jennifer Lewen


I just found this:

Super useful (us our LMS also is CSOD). I saw the comment from Rachel mentioning "changing the Compatibility mode to none", which I just did and now the course is playing in IE11, Chrome and Edge (YAY!).

I'm still surprised that the course did not play in IE11 before I changed this, as older courses of mine (with the same Articulate Storyline 360 settings) are playing in IE11.

Just out of curiosity, has there been any changes to Storyline, which would cause this?

Kind regards


Aryasree Roy Chowdhury


Hmm.... the same problem we have faced in our company with IE.

IE 11 version and tired below options and failed to run storyline

Tried and failed options:

1. Enable / Disable compatibility view for IE 

2. Tried to update IE and checked whether loading with IE Edge or 11 settings to run the storyline

3. Proxy settings and access certificates installed to run but still not working

Final solution we found by

1. Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Uncheck "Turn on Pop-up Blocker".
2. Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Under Browsing -> Check the box "Enable third-party browser extensions".
3. Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Under Multimedia -> Check the boxes "Play animations is webpages" and "Play sounds in webpages".


Yvonne  Dougherty


Our participants are having trouble launching their courses in IE. They are getting a blank white screen. I tried the suggestion mentioned earlier in the thread, but it is not working. We are using Articulate 360 and our LMS is Cornerstone. This seems to be a new issue that just started yesterday and is happening in multiple courses. We have suggested they use Chrome or Firefox. However, we have participants across the country and some of their organizations won't allow another browser. Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?

I have also noted that this seems to be affecting only courses created from late January 2020 and on. I do use HTML5 with Flash fallback when I publish. I have turned off compatibility view. Was there a recent update to Articulate that would account for this issue?


Katie Riggio

Good morning, Yvonne!

Thank you for those details, and I'm sorry to hear that turning off Compatibility View didn't help.

Have no fear, as I see you're already working closely with Ronaziel to see if we could isolate the cause of the blank page. You're in excellent hands, and I'll follow the troubleshooting as it progresses!