STORYLINE VIEWER LINK? -- sorry -- technologically challenged

Jun 26, 2014

After PUBLISHING my first project, I email it to a reviewer who has no clue how to proceed in opening the file and seeing my presentation. 

The instructions tell me to "send them a link" -- but WHAT LINK? Where?

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Michael Hinze

When you click the email button in the Publish Complete dialog, an email with an attached zip file and the following instructions is created:

'To view this content:
1. Save the attached zip fileto your computer.
2. Extract (unzip) the file.
3. Double-click the story.htmlfile. ' >> Seems pretty elf-explanatory to me. Alternatively, you could publish your content to Web, upload it to some server and email your reviewer the URL of the  uploaded content,  e.g. ""

 Hope that makes sense.

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