Storyline Web Objects

May 01, 2023


I am trying to add a web object to a slide that will display this site. I've been able to successfully create this; however, this site includes links in it that are unable to open in the web object - I receive the url refused to connect error. I've read that the resolution is to have the web object open in a new window which does work, but I'd like to keep the main site content in the course itself. Is there a way to set the web object to continue opening in the slide for the supplied URL but to direct all links that are clicked to open a new tab/window? Thanks! 

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Adam, 

Thanks so much for reaching out about your web object issue. Sorry to hear you're running into this snag! 

I understand that you have already tried modifying the look of the web object so that it is displayed in a new browser window. To modify the contents/links of the web object, the website you are linking would need to be modified for that functionality. You could achieve this by reaching out to the admin of the website to make sure that all the links can be accessed from within an iframe.

I'll let other community members chime in. Perhaps they have a workaround for this that they'd be able to share!