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Phil Mayor

642 slides is a lot of slides, I would check a few things

That you are publishing to a drive that is not a network drive or on a USB stick (if you use a Mac the documents are can be classed as a network drive dependent on some settings).

Ensure there are no special characters in your filename

Ensure the entire path length is less than 256 characters

If none of those work, then it may be related to the size of the file and the available resources.

Debbie H

Thanks Phil.  I am publishing local.  There are no special characters.  I have published the same project previously without any hassles.  I have also published a project of 740 slides with the same type of content and didn't have any problems so I don't think it's resources. It does get right near the end each time and bombs out last minute.

Debbie H

Published to C: with no difference. Reset my menu and logo, also tried a repair and a windows 7 repair from this support doc as well.


Same problem as before.  Takes nearly an hour to publish each time so this is really wasting a lot of time. :(

Debbie H

Hi Ashley - The import of slides didn't work so I reverted to a backup which does publish.  I created a new section in a separate .story file which publishes without a problem, but when I import it into the backed up .story file, then it won't publish and it corrupts the entire file. I am not sure what to try next.  All of the slides need to be in one story file because they are all part of one course. So the situation at the moment is that I have two separate .story files which are working but when combined (via importing) it becomes corrupt and doesn't publish. Scary thing is I am only about 60% of the way through the course and need to still add more. I was not under the impression that Storyline is only good for small short courses. What now?

Phil Mayor

642 slide is not a small course, I would suggest you make smaller courses I would never recommend to a client to make a course with that many slides.

How long is the course intended to be?  Will 1 minute on each slide you are looking at ten hours.  I would expect that you will overload the scorn bookmarking function.

Debbie H

Hi Phil - Yes, I have tried that and same result. It's fine to import the first 400 slides and then publish but adding the rest of the slides won't publish.  I am obviously going to need to create separate .story files and then use a trigger to a file/url. I am just hoping to be able to make it seamless to the learner so have the menu all in one story. I guess I am going to have to experiment a bit on our LMS. Do you have any advice on the best way to do this?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for updating us on what occurred. I see that you've also replied to your case with Jonathan as well and I'll continue following along with his troubleshooting as well.

In addition to the information Phil shared on how Storyline does not support multiple sco's, you'll see three methods in this article although they are not officially supported.