Storyline zip file size

Hi, I'm having a problem with the size of a zipped story.  The Story size is 173 MB before publishing.  I'm using the storyline in built zip button after I have published he file.  The resulting zip file is 293 MB so 120MB larger than the original file.  I'm having problems loading this large file onto our LMS.

Any ideas what's happening?

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Janet Spafford

Thanks Phil for your comment - the file is packed full of images - screen recordings to be precise, not sure that compressing these will enhance the view in the published product.  I've set the publishing settings as per other lessons and it's just this one where the file size increases.

Leslie - do I just add the story file as an attachment here for you to look at it?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Janet!

I do see what you are reporting, but I agree that your course is video/image heavy.

I see the same numbers as far as file size that you mentioned above. I took a look at your publish settings and it seems that you were utilizing a custom setting for your images. When I changed that to standard, the size reduced to 256291, so as Phil mentioned some tweaks can happen there if needed.