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Peter Anderson

Hey Don!

I'm really curious to learn more about what might be going on with your zoom region function. You're trying to use it as described here, yeah? Any chance you could attach a quick screencast of what you're seeing when you try to use it? 

And what about other projects - is it working in other .story files you might have?


Don Hardy

Hello John, Christine, and Peter,

When I opened Storyline this morning it is now working on the base slide. I used Articulate Studio for years and one of the fixes was to shut down my computer and reboot. Perhaps Storyline needs this sometimes. It the Zoom region icon goes grey on me I will remember to reboot to see if that solves the problem. 

Also, John mentioned the Zoom region does not work in layers of a slide. Any explanation? I just tried it and that is true.

Any thoughts on that anyone?



Peter Anderson

Hi Don, 

I'm far from being able to step inside the minds of the development team, but I know that this is by design. If you'd like to see the zoom region available in slide layers in future updates, feel free to submit a feature request directly to the team.

Thanks, and glad to hear it's working again on your base layers

Mehdi Kasumov

Well I have the same problem here:

as soon as I insert zoom region it plays then it greys out then it stays ad greyed out.

it happens on the base slides, it happens on the layer slides, it happens after the reboot

it also blurs the the basic arrows created. NOt the image,  image is fine. this started t frustrate. It is a nice feature but underworked massively.

Stephanie Long

I will submit another feature request for this... they must be piling up as I have seen countless posts for this one.  I am having trouble with variables with a lightbox feature (if user access lightbox, hide a layer which didn't work so well), so I went with a slide layer instead and then realized I can't use the zoom regions.