Storyline3 Subtitle options (help!)

Jun 07, 2018

Hi all of you,

I'm asking for help with the storyline3 subtitle options.

I would like to know if I can customize the size of the characters
(I already found for the setting of the typo)

I would also like to know if I can personalize the black banner (which appears on the slide), for example > the opacity > the color and > the placement???

Thank you very much for your feedback

François Michot

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, François. Great questions! Increasing the Player font size will increase the font size for closed captions, too. 

  1. Simply go to the Home tab and then click Player.
  2. When the player properties window opens, click Colors & Effects on the ribbon.
  3. Increase the Player font size percentage. It can be any percentage between 75% and 200%.
  4. Click OK to save and close the player settings.

We also have more customization options for the closed caption's color, placement, and transparency listed as a feature request – I've attached your discussion to its report. Here's an inside look at how we manage and prioritize those feature requests ☺️

I hope this helps, and will be here if you need anything else!

FanFan Design

Hello and thank you for your answer, I already have this option (the only one ...) but it is not at all optimum! ok the subtitles are bigger, but all the player's typos also this method is not to hide a big lack in the subtitle options.

I hope articulated can add those requests that are the least of the things at the level of their tools in the title.

A big thank-you

FanFan Design

I am working on a new project in English which must be subtitled in five other languages. I would like to know if improvements have been made to the subtitle function.
I would like in particular:
- increase the size of the typography,
- change its color,
- change the shape and color of the frames
Thank you!

Best regards


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