Strange grey lines down the sides of my new slide

Nov 07, 2016

Hi there (I'm new so sorry in advance!), I just built a new slide in an existing project of mine and when I preview the slide, there are grey bars down each side of the screen (see attachment).

I've never seen this before. I have also attached a screenshot of my page in design mode.

Any ideas?!

Thanks in advance!


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Angela Gantert

Hi Sal

Welcome to the Articulate Community :)

No need to panic - I've seen this too and it is a bit worrying at first!

If you preview the whole scene/project rather than just the slide on its own you won't get the grey bars.

I'm sure someone else in the Community will provide a reason, and I'd be eager to hear the answer too.



Sally Milford

Thanks for the tip Angela - previewing the project gets rids of the bars (FYI previewing the still shows the bars)

Strange that this has just started happening for me? I rely on 'Preview Slide' a lot during build and having to preview the whole project makes it a bit inconvenient (especially as I build more pages).

We'll see what everyone else in the community says.

Thanks again,


Wendy Farmer

Hi Sally

one of your screenshots has the menu bar on the side and the other one doesn't.

if you have a slide property set on one slide to display the menu and then on another slide the menu option isn't ticked - SL is still allowing the 'space' for the menu even though it's not displaying.

An easy way to check is to go into Storyview and look at the bottom right hand corner 'slide properties' as you navigate each slide. You'll see which ones have which player options selected.  If you decide you want the menu on all slides, Ctrl A to select all slides then click the menu option.

Here's is a tutorial that may help you with customising the player

Hope that helps you

Sally Milford

Thank you :) While you're looking at it, can you please advise how I can chance my 'References' page (accessed via link it top right of Player), so it displays more like a lightbox which opens up on top of the current slide, then can be closed to return the learner back to the current slide?

Thanks so much,


Wendy Farmer

Hi Sal

it is working correctly as you have the menu selected on slide 1.3_1_1 so SL is taking that space into account and centring the content when you only view the one slide...when you view it as an entire scene or project it is working as expected.

Change the trigger on your references slide in the player to show as lightbox

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