Strange scaling when launching content from a CDN on an iPad

We have a course which we are launching from an LMS. The LMS uses a player frame which loads the Storyline content from a CDN. When we view it on an iPad it appears scaled down (see the attached screen shot). The play splash screen appears normally, and this only occurs when the Storyline content is loaded from another domain, and on an iPad.

How can we fix this issue?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ben,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I apologize for the trouble. This is actually an issue we're currently investigating related to LMS content displayed in iFrame not sizing correctly in Mobile Safari. Our Quality Assurance team is currently testing this issue and we're hoping that we'll be able to share a solution for this soon.

I've added this thread to the investigation, so I can share an update when we have more information. 

In the meantime, it may help to publish and view the content through the Articulate Mobile Player on the iPad. 



mukul lele

Hello Christine,

I belong to Adobe Captivate Prime Engineering Team. One of our customer has raised a similar issue with Articulate content playing in our LMS. 

We investigated the content and observed that the scaling/resizing logic is getting called from the content depending on how the content is loaded. 

Can you please respond to me on my email (my ID here is my official email) to discuss if there is any resolution to this issue. 



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mukul,

Christine doesn't get into the forums as often, so I wanted to follow up with you here as this thread is also a bit older. You'll see that we've documented information here in regards to how Storyline content can be displayed incorrectly while shown in an iFrame as described here.  As for the connection to the Captivate set up you're mentioning, I'm not sure of the connection with Articulate content - but if you'd like to talk with our Support Engineers about it, I'd advise you to reach out here. You can reference this thread as well and we'll want to know where you're viewing the published output, where it's being hosted, etc.