Struggling with the base Flow Template changing and I can't alter it

Dec 07, 2020



Got a weird one today and hoping someone has a fix! I'm building a course using the "Flow" of the 360 template library. I'm working (as I'm sure most are) between 2 different computers which have different sized monitors. It seems like when I swapped and went into my office, the base image of the slide has changed and I can't seem to alter it back. It also moved a bunch of text and such. 

The text is fine to fix myself, a pain but doable. I am unable to move the little green ribbon and such and they're in terrible spots now. Some that I build today from my home office look fine, but the ones from the office are not. 

I can't share the file on a public website as it has confidential information, but I really like the format and I need the "flow" template to work or I need to go back and change another module to a new look too.


Any suggestions other than changing the background all together now that I've got the training built?



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