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May 03, 2019

I understand that Articulate does not support a PPT Presenter mode in Studio or Presenter. When I have an Engage interaction, the PPT Presenter mode shows only the initial interaction screen but none of the included sub screens of the interaction. Has anyone come up with a workaround of showing the sub screens of an Engaged interaction while in PPT presenter mode (dual screen)

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Tom Kuhlmann

The presenter mode shows the slide. In this case the slide is a placeholder of the Engage interaction. 

I gather you want to show the interaction itself???

Not sure if this works in Presenter mode, but you could try that live slides add-in.

Publish the Engage file, put it on a server, and then insert it into the slide that way. For a presentation, you could hide the real Engage placeholder, and if you publish, you could hide the live slide add-in slide.

Dave Goodman

Thanks again Tom for your wisdom using LiveWeb. One of the issues is that the client has facilitators in the field who want their PPT and notes delivered on a CD so that they are in total control and are not beholding to the internet connections in the smaller towns. This is still worth a try with LiveWeb.

PS - I had asked about converting a 1,000 page Word doc and you gave me your suggestion. The final approach was a combination of the H1 in the docs, copy/paste into SL (importing was too tedious), output to Review which dramatically reduced the review time from multiple and dispersed reviewers. We did all of the corrections and had the courses half way completed and reviewed in half of the time and could go straight to the Beta release. Tedious but it works. Thanks again.

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