Styling Quiz Review Pages

My question I believe goes beyond using feedback master. 

Is there a way to style the pages that a learner sees when reviewing which questions he or she got correct or incorrect after taking a test?

1. (Slides 1 and 2) Some of the buttons are very hard to click on. In other words, I've got a huge correct (or incorrect) button, but a very small active button area. If the learner doesn't click right on that X, he or she can't move forward. 

2. It's not very intuitive to a learner that he or she needs to click the Submit to see mastery results for the next question. I'd like to either change the button to read "Next" or provide directions that say "click Submit to move forward. " 
3. Also, once the learner clicks Exit, he or she is presented with a very obvious "Resume" button and itty bitty little "Retry" button that is very easy to miss.

Is there anyway at all to edit these slides??

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Linda Nelson

Is this review layer added per question slide? In other words, do I add this review layer to each question slide?

Also, what do I do with the final review quiz button at the end of the course, use it to navigate back to the first question? What action can you use to navigate to the specific questions review layer? If I tinker with the final review button, don't I lose the automatic results? (e.g., which question the learner answered correctly and which one they didn't answer correctly?)

I wish Storyline did this better.