Sub Bullets / numbering issues

Will SL ever incorporate the possibility of Sub bullets and custom numbering?

I often have text that requires sub bullets.  Unless I manually make them, only first line bullets are available.

When using custom sub bullets, text wrap and alignment then becomes and issue.

2nd)  On frequent occasions I need to have 2 columns of numbered text.  Again, unless manually numbering them which again creates alignment and wrapping issues, the numbering always resets back to 1.  This also happnes if you add more than on return between numbers. 

(Bug report) When you add soft returns (Shift+Enter) this creates a blank object on your timeline that messes with being able to time the lines of text with audio.  The blank return objects has to be timed as well which sometimes is different than the lines of text you are trying to time out. 

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Bruce Graham

Hi Paul, 

The bullet/numbering issues you raise are well known by Articulate, and have been the subject of many a bug report/enhancement request.

I am sure that they will be addressed as soon as possible/practicable by the Development Team.

Never harms to log them again - referencing this thread?


Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Paul.

For something that feels like a feature request (sub-bullets and custom numbering), this is the place to submit your request.

For functionality that seems like a bug or defect (soft returns create a blank object), please submit a Support Case so that we can investigate the problem.  From there, Support can escalate to the Articulate Quality Assurance Team, if needed.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!