Submit button function in Freeform quiz

Hi everyone

I'm creating simple scenarios in Storyline 360 and using the freeform quiz function to ask 3 questions on a scenario page.  I'd like to disable / hide the submit button until the user has selected an answer to all three questions.  I can hide/disable it, but what trigger do I use to bring it back when the user has answered the questions?  

Help greatly appreciated!



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Gayle Cowey

Ok, nearly finished this project - I got the above interaction working using your solution, Wendy, thank you!!  I just have one more interaction that I'm trying to get going.  Attached is a simple test version of a drag/drop interaction.  I'm trying to get the submit button to be hidden/deactivated until the user has dropped one of the statements onto each of the targets (whether right or not).  I've tried creating a true/false variable, but struggled with the conditions and tried all sorts of combinations to no avail! Is this possible to do?  

Gayle Cowey

Brilliant - thank you Wendy.  Can't thank you enough for your help with this project!  This one came over the fence unexpectedly at me and was urgent - thanks to your help I'm set to finish it today.  You're wonderful.  At sometime in the future, I'm hoping to be good enough at this stuff to be able to share some of my expertise on this forum.. :)