Submit button toggle on Input text entry

Hi Guys,


I am working on storyline 2, I am trying toggle Submit button on input text entry.

If I fill something in to input text box then, Submit should be activate. If I erase it or delete it, Submit button should be disabled. However, I have attached Story file which I created but it is on Control loses focus, which I don't want I would like to make it like forms, without focus loses. 

Could you guys please help me in this?




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Tim Shelton

You can do this using variables using Variable Changes.

Have the Text entry use its standard trigger: Set 'Variable1' equal to the typed value when control loses focus.

But additionally have 2 other variables per entry doing the following:

Change state of 'Submit button' to Normal When 'Variable1' changes. If 'Variable1' is not equal to (leave blank)

Change state of 'Submit button' to Hidden When 'Variable1' changes. If 'Variable1' is equal to (leave blank)

This way if the field is populated it will show submit if not it will hide itself.