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Dec 13, 2019

I have a slide set up with a text entry using free form. The user is supposed to type their answer, then click submit to reveal the correct answer. 

The issue I'm having is when the submit button is selected with a "submit interaction" trigger, it jumps to the next slide and the user isn't able to read the correct answer and compare it to theirs. 

I'm not sure how to stop it from jumping. I used the free form text entry option to ensure that users had to type an answer in the box before moving on. 


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Jeff Forrer

Hello.  Are you seeing the feedback after clicking the Submit button prior going to the next slide? 

If so, the "Jump to Next Slide" trigger will happen on Correct or Incorrect response (showing the Correct or Incorrect layer) upon clicking the Submit button.

The Submit Interaction trigger on the main layer of the slide triggers one of those two layers to show depending if you got this correct or incorrect.  You can adjust or remove that trigger in the feedbacks as necessary.

Jeff Forrer

From my understanding, if you don't want to go to the next slide you typically handle this in the feedback layers.  If you want to override the auto next behavior (which I believe is built-in from the Submit button), without showing feedbacks, you could rework your slide to use the feedbacks and show what you want with them,OR choose to show the feedbacks, but then not use them or show them, this way you can set the branching to "unassigned" vs. next slide and you will stay where you are at. 

There are several ways to do this.

One way is to use them, set branching to unassigned, then choose to hide the feedbacks parts that show up (on the timeline) and within the feedback masters.  If you still need the feedbacks for other questions, then you could create a copy of those (thus keeping the feedback masters for those questions) and re-assign the copy to yours,then remove everything in them, the boxes, text, buttons etc.

Seems like a bit of work but I believe this should work, I could look at your file as well.

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