Submit interaction > next slide?

Jan 04, 2017

I'm finding that when I use a 'submit interaction' trigger this also automatically causes my presentation to jump to the next slide. Is there a way to override this?

I've tried adding a 'jump to [not next slide]' trigger to no avail.

thanks for any help!

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Ryan Frame

Make sure you have "Correct" & "Incorrect" Layers. You can override the behavior through there. If you have both "Correct" & "Incorrect" and/or "Try Again" Layers it will open the corresponding layer when calling 'submit interaction' then in that layer you can jump to slide or use a pop-up what ever you want.

Ryan Frame

For clarity the behavior of 'submit interaction' is to record answers and then 'show layer' 'correct' or 'try again' or 'incorrect' depending on settings and answers. If the corresponding layer doesn't exist it jumps to next slide after recording the answers.

'correct' layer shows if the user answered correctly.

'incorrect' layer shows if the user answered incorrectly and is out of attempts.

'try again' layer shows if the user answered incorrectly but can attempt to answer again.

The layers can be completely empty with only a 'jump to slide' action or menus, anything really but if the layer isn't there it goes to the next slide.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Franck,

I appreciate you reaching out to share what you would like to create. It sounds like you'd like the user to navigate using previous/next buttons so that they can review answers and then submit them all at once. Is that correct?

You can certainly set this up:

Submitting Answers All at Once