Submit interaction trigger sometime act like a Next button

Jan 11, 2016

Hello! I have this 40 question quiz with a custom submit answer button and no feedbacks.

Actually, when I select my answer then click Submit, I make appear a layer that contain a "Next Button" right on top of the Submit button. So this "Next button" lead to the next question and so on.

The problem I am facing right now is that, sometime, the layer that contains Next button is not appearing and the slide goes to the next one automaticaly. It is like that the "Submit interaction" sometimes act like a Next button.

Does this problem ring a bell to someone?

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Jean-Mathieu Bazinet

I am sorry, I can't give you a sample.story on this problem because informations are confidential. I can try to clarify.

I want my custom SUBMIT button to "submit the interaction" AND show a layer that contain a NEXT button, which is the same size than the submit button, so it fit perfectly right on top of it. When the user clicks on this NEXT button, he goes on next screen (next question). 

For majority of my 40 questions, this behaviour works well. But in some of the question, the click on the submit button does not make appear the Next Button's layer. It does the "submit interaction" and automatically leads to the next screen without showing any Next button.


When I retry the test, some of the question that was not working, is now working and some other question that was working is no more working. It is like random. 

The goal of all this was to permit the learner to go back and see what he had answered. We wanted to have a next button instead of the submit button to avoid any confusion since the learners can't modify his answers. Now, when we go back in the quiz after completing the 40th question, we see some NEXT buttons and still some SUBMIT buttons.

Is that clearer?




Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jean-Mathieu!

Are your triggers in the same order on all of the screens? Why do you need another layer and require learner to click twice per slide? Sounds like the slide properties could be set differently - are they set to by user or automatically? Also, the when re-visiting the slide properties would affect what the user is seeing upon re-visit.

I would advise utilizing the built in submit button, which can submit the question and proceed to the next slide with no problem. You can then allow review at the end of the quiz via the results slide, especially if the user is unable to modify the answers anyway.

Chris Elkin

We're experiencing a very similar issue that appears Random....

We have a course with a number of scenes.  Each scene has a mix of info and (scored) question slides.  These questions are scored, no feedback and then collated in a final results page.

We are using custom buttons with the course: next, back, submit (no player)

If the learner fails we set a custom variable 'retry' to true.

We then use this 'retry' VAR within out submit button triggers to allow the learners to complete all questions sequentially.

Everything was working well (e.g. on a retry, learners could navigate questions sequentially) until yesterday when one scene and its question has stopped playing nicely.

So with the retry ' value ' set to true the questions slide simply jumps to the next slide rather than then question slide as programmed through the submit trigger.

See triggers.png

We have 3 other scenes that work fine but just this one that now doesn't. Radom...

Help please?



Hanna Danielsson


I'm working on a project (that I can not share) with custom forward/backward nav. I have made a final test (default single and multiple choice questions) and inserted a custom submit interaction button on each question. When using this trigger it seems the trigger will both submit the interaction AND take you to the next slide. I do NOT want the button submit interaction to take me to the next slide. Only my custom forward button should make this happen. The idea is:

1. User marks a single choice alternative and
2. Clicks the sumbit interactionbutton to submit the interaction.
3. The custom forward button that is hidden from the beginning will be changed to normal state when user click sumbit interaction button.
4. The user progresses to next question by clicking the visible forward button.

So the question basically is if I somehow can delete the "go to next page" functionality from the submit interaction trigger?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Hanna, sorry to hear you're hitting this snag. Strange that a submit interaction trigger would force you to navigate to the next slide. It's hard to say what could be causing this without seeing your file, but I completely understand you not wanting to share it publicly.

Instead, could you share it using one of these options?

  • Send the file to me privately using this form.
  • Do a Save As to create a copy of the file, then delete all but one of the troublesome slides. You can even replace the text on the slide with dummy text, if you like. Then, share the single slide with me in a new thread comment. 
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hanna!

The quiz slide automatically jumps to the next slide when the user clicks the "Submit" button because the feedback setting is "None." When there is no feedback given, Storyline automatically takes the learner to the next question.

You might try reworking your set-up a bit. I'm thinking you can add blank feedback layers, and include the custom navigation buttons on the feedback layers rather than on the base layer.

There may be other ways to work around this, and I'm looking forward to the ideas the community will share with you here!

Mr Brown

I just spend a whole day trying to figure this out... I had a custom feedback layer (not the master feedback). And it just kept sending me to the next page... I'm so pleased I found this thread. I would never have figured out that I could just create another BLANK fb master and and then turn the feedback back on... One thing I had to do though was add a hotspot on my navigation (also custom).. because when the feeback layer shows I can't progress by clicking my button (guessing it's covered by the feedback layer?) - Anyway it works so thanks!! 

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