Submit quiz results without LMS

Mar 17, 2013

I'm trying to submit quiz results outside of an LMS. Ideally, this would be done the same way as these Lectora test results submission settings (image attached):

Submit test to CGI program 

Method POST

Submit Results to: /mtest.cfm

Any idea if that could work in Storyline? If not, are there alternatives?

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Robert Stewart

I just posted the following a day again to another question:

Download Jeff Furumura word document that is on the above post.

Shows how to post to server script then extract to a web page or custom database and not use an LMS.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sarah.  Publishing for, and hosting in an LMS is the only way to get the kind of output that natively communicates completion and scoring data.

Check out this really awesome post by Bastiaan about exporting Storyline variables (like results) to Google Drive.  It might not be "easy," but it's detailed and you can always ask follow up questions in the comments!

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