Submitting variable to the LMS using short answer questions

Sep 13, 2012

I am using quiz questions as a means of transferring data to the LMS that I can subsequently use for reporting. I am following the procedure that is outlined here (

This works, except I am trying to send a batch of variables to the LMS. Following the logic in the support link referenced above, I have created a sequence of question slides--each slide submits one variable using a short answer interaction and then jumps to the next slide.  While this works to get the data to the LMS, it takes about 1-2 seconds for each slide to be submitted, and since I have 30 variables to transfer, that is 30 seconds.  And, since these variables are spread throughout the five sections of the course and I want to collect the data regardless of the order in which the users complete the modules, I end up having to submit the results slide five times, which adds an annoying amount of wasted time.  I have set up a progress bar that increments as each question is being submitted so users know that something is going on, but it seems like there should be a better way.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Gerry Wasiluk


By default, Storyline submits questions one at time as a learner goes through a quiz. So every time you submit a question, the LMS has to record the data being sent and acknowledge that back to the content.

To submit things in mass, see this:

Mark Kizilos


Thanks. I have reviewed that and will take another look, but I don't think that quite addresses my issue. I am able to get things submitted and recorded in mass, but I am not submitting quiz answers, I am submitting variables that have to be submitted as answers to quiz short answer questions. This means that the user is never actually on a quiz slide to enter an answer. Rather, the quiz question slides are auto-completed with the variable values.

So, for example, the user completes an interaction in my course and clicks on a radio button. I store the value of that radio button as a text value and later, when I want to submit it to the LMS, I have to send the variable value to a quiz question slide so that it can be associated with a result slide. That is the part that takes time.

Not sure if this clarifies or confuses my situation.



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