Substituting a variation of 'select' quiz questions in a second attempt to pass a quiz.

Feb 21, 2022

Apologies if this has been asked before but I can't seem to find a similar question/scenario. And it may be how I am interpreting how quiz banks should work.  Here is background: 

  1. I have my end of course quiz questions for my module (let's say 10).
  2. Learner fails to achieve passing score (80%).
  3. They are given opportunity to retake 10 question quiz, and I've taken 5 of the original questions and restated them (same answers) but reworded the question - to provide variation.
  4. I want Storyline to substitute (swap) those 5 'restated/worded' quiz questions with their original counter-parts (my interpretation of question bank).

Is this possible?  It appears from what I read, that with Quiz banks, you can't do what I am proposing. And so for scenario above, you would have to create 15 unique or mutually exclusive questions, because it can't simply swap the restated questions with their original version.

The reason for this is the time it takes to come up with 5 more unique questions. It may sound trivial, but add that up over many modules and there becomes substantial investment of time.

What say the experts?  Thanks.

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Scott Dickman

Thanks for confirming Judy. Bummer as I think there would be value in restating a question to provide that type of variation. But it would obviously have to be linked to the original question (as a substitute to that original question only) or you could end up with two variations of the same questions in one quiz (if drawing and relying on how current Q-banks work in SL). 

Judy Nollet

Hi again, Scott,

It popped into my mind last night that you *could* show a different version of the question the second time around. 

  • Put the rewritten question into a custom state for the question's text box.
    • The question should be rewritten so that the responses remain the same, and with the same response(s) being correct.
  • Create a T/F variable to track whether that question was answered correctly the first time. Set the default to False. Adjust this variable True with a Trigger on the Correct layer. 
  • Create a T/F variable to track whether the user is retrying the quiz. 
  • On each question, add a trigger that changes the question text box to the custom state, with these conditions:
    • the corresponding question-tracking variable is False (i.e., the person answered incorrectly the first time, so the variable wasn't changed)
    • the attempt-tracking variable indicates it's the 2nd (or later) attempt

That's as simple an explanation as I can give. If you need help with variables and conditions, there's more info in the User Guide: (It's worth the effort to get comfortable with them, because they provide the real power in Storyline.)