Success and Failure Final Quiz Results

Hi, I hope someone could help me figure this out. 

Here is my dilemma in short. 

I've created an online trying that consistence of 3 chapters and within those three chapters I have 3 quizzes.

I created an additional slide for my " Final Results" to combined the 3 quizzes. On the "Final Results" slide, I have two layers. One for "Success" and one for "Failure". What I am trying to prevent is having the user complete the quiz/training and receive a certificate even after they have failed the quiz. 

Q1. Is their a way to have a trigger that allows the user, if failed to retake the training? Perhaps adding it on another slide to re-start the course?

Q2. This would be the same concept for the "Success" trigger. 

It seems like everything is under the "Base Layer". 

Any help would be great. 





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Judy Nollet

This article from Articulate's user guide describes how to adjust the Results slide so it allows retrying a quiz: 

FYI: I typically put a "Disable Next button when the timeline starts" trigger on the Failure layer of a Results slide. That prevents the user from advancing if they fail the quiz.

I also put an "Enable Next button when the timeline starts" trigger on the Success layer, to ensure they can continue to the last slide after they pass the quiz.