SuccessFactors LMS & Storyline integration

Aug 03, 2018

Hi  all,

This is a detailed manual for uploading Storyline  courses to SuccessFactors LMS


Publish StoryLine using  SCORM 2004 4th edition with Pass / incomplete

In SuccessFactors
Content > tools > Import Content > add new content

Import the Course file

Edit content object and rename the content object ID – it will be easy to search this content later.

Edit the content object ID

Run the import Job


Now create a new online item
Go to online content > select Settings

Click the + sign > add content object

Save and assign the item to user



Successfactors Reports

you can run "SCORM Exam Detail report" to see all user attempts $ answers



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Martijn Boot

Hi David,

Thanks for your clear explanation! But I still have a question. Are the settings the same with scormpackages without resultslide, so when the Storyline tracking is based on 'tracking by number of slide viewed'? Or are the settings then different? Like 'Scorm 2004 4th edition, complete/incomplete? Our goal is to have a 'completion' status in SuccesFactors. 

I hope you understand my question!

Greetings, Imke 

Bernadeta Plewa

Hi all,

We are currently working on implementing a new LMS - successfactors. However, when importing SCORM files, version 2004. Successfactors adds navigation buttons: Continue/exit/suspend to the course. I have found a way to hide the buttons by making changes in the manifest on the SAP community:

However, since I'm not a HTML expert and it's a quite time consuming task considering that we have thousands of courses, so I was wondering if there is a setting that we can do within Articulate to avoid these buttons from appearing?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Cheryl Powers

scorm 1.2 doesn't put additional navigations buttons in and uses the ones you see in the player, or for the slides you chose with custom properties to use prev/next for that slide.  sometimes we use custom buttons also with triggers built into our master slides so we don't even use the player navigations.  Also although very helpful for someone who hasn't ever done it before (I could have used your help last year hahahaha), I wanted to mention not everyone has or wants to choose the articulate mobile player since its another component that the user has to download.  SuccessFactors has a mobile app and you enable mobile on the imported content object or check when doing content import for a new item.  the only problem I'm seeing currently within the mobile app is launched course window is not exiting  properly and prompting user to continue/restart.   I set completion trigger on the last slide timeline so it's safe to exit.  the majority of users still using browser on mobile devices instead of the app.

Stephanie Blakemore


I have followed your instructions, but keep getting the following message upon import to SuccessFactors LMS:

The parser could not validate the SCORM Import file due to the following reason(s). Proceeding with the import may incompletely import the file, or the file itself may be corrupt. You may choose to continue with the import at your own risk.

Error on line 2: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'manifest'.

I am able to continue with the import and take the course (test). However, when I run the SCORM Exam Detail report, nothing generates--not even an empty .csv file. I see a screen that says the job is in queue and to not close the window, but I've waiting hours and nothing happens. Can you help?

Rebecca Evens

Hi Stephanie, I am seeing the same error in Success Factors, but it doesn't seem to be affecting the generation of the SCORM Exam Detail report, so I don't think the issues are are related. Have you tried scheduling the report and setting it to email to yourself?

The report generates for me, but it only shows data that is associated with the results slide that I have set to track the completion. Any questions that are associated with other results slides do not show up, and if I set the tracking to work on the course complete trigger, nothing is recorded.

I've referred the upload error message to our Success Factors technical team, so I'll let you know if they find anything!

Stephanie Blakemore

Good suggestion, Rebecca, to schedule and request the report be emailed to me. I tried this and still, nothing--no email, no report. It's good to know that the error message is not affecting others' ability to generate the report. I wonder why it does not work with my scenario. If fidgeted with the design of the quiz and results slide in Storyline, the export settings, as well as SuccessFactors Learning Item and Content Object settings. Nothing seems to work. I wish my company had a SuccessFactors technical team!

Rebecca Evens

Hi Bernadeta, I meant the white bit at the top of the player window where the buttons appeared - I switched the buttons off using the manifest file edit, but the box is still there... our technical team have managed to copy the course out of the content package, and its appearing normally, but I need to test if its affected the report.  I'm trying to export in 2004, 4th Edition, to get the additional report available

Rebecca Evens

Hi Stephanie, my technical team got back to me and said that the "Cvc-elt.1 is clearly xml schema issue, element declaration is missing." They have advised me to speak with Articulate to correct the missing data in the scheme - Ashley Terwilliger, are you able to help with this?

The team have also managed to fix the buttons issue without editing the manifest file, by removing the course from the scorm package and adding it directly to a Success Factors item, but I'm still trying to work out how to replicate this myself!

Rebecca Evens

Hi Bernadeta, I'm not all that sure what difference it makes, but they replaced the content attached to the Item with a content object rather than the content package - so essentially, they took it out of its folder... ive tested it and the course still records the additional data. In the screenshots you can see that the Online Content on the Item details page has a folder on it with the course in - it only does this if I load a SCORM 2004 course. But I can delete this and add new content, and select a content object rather than a content package. Then the Success Factors navigation buttons don't show up.

But I cant get rid of the error message on loading the file!

Stephanie Blakemore


I have tried exporting my Storyline 360 sample course (a simple, 2-question quiz) with both SCORM 2004 2nd and 4th editions. I never even noticed the buttons. My problem is that SuccessFactors Learning will not generate an SCORM Exam Detail Report for me. We really need this report for our teaching approach and I just cannot get it to work. Thanks for your support. Perhaps I should start a separate conversation for my specific issue.

Verena Freudenberger


I wanted to ask if there are any news about the discussion with the additional buttons at SCORM 2004 Contents. Are there more solutions than the adjustments in the manifest file?

Because the solution of Rebecca unfortunately does not work in the new SF Course Home, because SCORM 2004 Content can only be started in Content Packages here (SAP Note 2692689).

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Madysson! Thanks for allowing me to test your file.

I added one trigger to the Slide 1.2 Exit Course Layer: Exit course when the learner clicks Button 1This will send the course completion to the LMS and close the course window. 

Then I published the course using the same settings you used, and I tested the output in SCORM Cloud. The course completed correctly there.

Could you also test this SCORM Cloud link and let me know if the course completes on your side? 

Madysson Wood

It completed in this environment (SCORM Cloud) but I'm still having issues in Success Factors. I originally had it the way you recommended in your screenshot tested in SF learning and it didn't record as completed. It exited the course and asked me to start where I left off. So I then removed the second trigger to look like what I submitted but no such luck in that environment for me

Cheryl Powers

We have SuccessFactors LMS.  Are you current on your SAP SF release updates to the LMS server?    We haven’t had any trouble with any buttons in rise( exit) or storyline’s buttons and we have custom navigation buttons and next other window close buttons.   all our courses but one are published in scorm 1.2.   Have you tried that?One other thing we did last year because SuccessFactors mobile app (only the app did this)  wasn’t closing the course window with the exit button so we had to make sure to give credit by a complete course trigger on the last slide’s timeline begin and put a trigger to close the window exit course on last slide timeline end.  Now that the Mobil app has been updated by SAP, they fixed it and its all working like it should, and we can remove these extra triggers.


Jamie Shaw

Hi Madysson - we use SuccessFactors and I ran in to this problem as well.  Here's how I fixed it.

1. Place 3 cue points on your timeline, about half a second apart.

2. Add a trigger to pause the timeline when it reaches cue point 1.

3.  Create a 'Save your result' button, and add a Disabled state to it with 'Saving...' as the text.  Place it on the screen, and then add a 'resume timeline' trigger to it.

4. Add a trigger to change the state of the button to disabled, when it gets to cue point 2 (this will change it to show 'saving' and prevent the learner from clicking it again).

5. Add a Submit Results / complete course trigger to cue point 3.  

6. Add a trigger to jump to the next slide when timeline ends.  On that slide, you can put an Exit course button.

From the user point of view, the slide will freeze when it gets to cue point 3.  This happens as the module is communicating with successfactors.  In practice, I have found that although the timeline is only 5 seconds, it can be 10-20 seconds or so.  By the time the module gets to the next screen, you know that the results have been submitted.