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Oct 27, 2015

I need to up update some 150+ nursing quizzes that we developed years ago. The quizzes are in Flash and need to be upgraded to work with tablets and mobile devices.

I have been considering doing the upgrade in SL2. I am comfortable in working with SL2 and have developed JS enhancements to track results to a database table and issue a certificate. However, these add-ons create extra work and issues.

I did some research and found that another vendor had just released a new version of their quiz software. Most of the new features are already available in SL. However, this software program did have several features that I would like to see added to SL2 (or SL3).

1. This quiz program allowed you to publish Flash + HTML5 OR HTML5 only OR Flash only. I know that others have requested this feature. Let us publish the version(s) we want!

2. After publishing, you can preview what the quiz will look like in a regular browser, a tablet or an iPhone. This is a nice and useful feature to have as we develop for mobile devices.

3. The program has a built-in capability to collect user data. This is customizable so that you can collect name, e-mail, company, department and anything else you wish to add.

4. The ability to set a time limit PER question, as well as for the whole quiz. This feature is particularly used when we develop learning games and want timed questions.

5. Keeps track of the total time it took to complete the quiz. This is a useful metric for us to determine the difficulty of the various quizzes, as well as evaluating the number of questions we select for each quiz.

6. Allows you to e-mail the quiz results to an instructor or supervisor.

7. Has a built-in capability to send quiz results to your own server. (Yes, some programming is required, but at least the infrastructure is there).

8. Comes in 64 bit version. My SL development computer has 32GB of RAM. It would be nice to be able to use this to speed up development of multimedia elearning.

9. Although this other program doesn't have it either, I would like to have a built-in Certificate feature without having to resort to JS manipulations.

How about it Articulate? These enhancement would make an already great SL2 nearly perfect for me.



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