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Apr 03, 2013

So this may have been addressed somewhere else, but I couldn't find it when I was searching through the forums. Sorry if it's a repeat!

The set up: I creating a course with a structure that looks like this:

Welcome scene

Explore different topics scene (1 slide with buttons that take you to 7 different topics)

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3

Topic 4

Topic 5

Topic 6

Topic 7

Learners can explore any of the topics in any order after they complete the Welcome scene. At the end of each topic, I have a button that returns learners to the Explore different topics scene/slide.

What I'm trying to do: What I want to add to this is a summary or conclusion scene. However, I don't want learners to be able to access this scene until they have completed each topic. So I want to make a way for a path to the summary/conclusion scene to appear from the Explore different topics scene/slide to the summary/conclusion scene, but only after learners have completed each topic. My question is how to do this.

What's going on so far: To help learners recognize when they have completed a topic, I added a variable to change the state of each button to visited after the learner completes the scene for that topic.These variables (there are 7) are set to beginning of the timeline of the Explore different topics slide so that learners see which topics they've already visited. Learners can still revisit those topics if they'd like, the buttons are not disabled. This works great! No problems! And thanks to the person who helped me figure out how to do this.

I added in another variable to show a new layer on this page which contains a little congrats message and a continue button to take the learner to the summary scene for the course. However, this layer never shows up, so I assume the variable is never getting triggered somehow. I've tried setting this variable to the beginning of the timeline and to the end of the timeline on the slide.

I'm trying to reuse my variables that trigger the visited states for my buttons to also set the conditions for this last variable. Since these are all triggered at the beginning of the timeline, this may be an issue.

Any ideas about how to achieve my goal? I can go ahead and make new variables if necessary, but I'm not sure what to tie them to in my slide, since there can't be an object that learners click. This functionality has to open up something new if learners have completed all the topics and in no other way.

Does this make sense?

Thanks for any help!

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Michael Hinze

While I would have set up a few things differently (there is no right otr wrong way), I followed your description and built a sample file. I think your issue with the completion layer not being displayed was just a matter of the right sequence of your triggers. I also added a button that lets you revisit the Summary screen, even after all seven section had been completed, and the congrats screen had been displayed. Hope that helps. See attached file and here is the published version.

Catharine Gruver

Hi Michael,

So my course looks pretty similar to yours, but one difference that I noticed is that you have a CompletionViewed variable that I do not have. I'm not exactly sure how it functions but I see that it's part of the variable that determines whether or not to show the CompletionLayer. Would you mind explaining how you're using this variable in your example?


Catharine Gruver

Unfortunately, my course is still not performing this functionality correctly. I have set my show congratulations layer trigger to when the timeline starts and listed each condition using the same condition that triggers whether my buttons show their visited state. The buttons all show their visited states correctly, but the congratulations layer is still not showing up. :( I'm not sure why.

Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

Catharine Gruver

I figured it out--with the help of lots of people's questions being answered about their variable problems.

On each of the slides at the end of my section, I needed to change the order of my variables so that the jump to variable was after the change state variable. What made this tricky is that the state was actually being changed and showed correctly even when the variable was after the jump to variable. But, for some reason, my final variable wouldn't pick up the change in the state variable until it was before the jump to variable.

Thanks for the help from everyone asking about and discussing how variables work!

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