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Sep 23, 2013

I have a project (attached) that has both states and variables that I'm struggling with.  This is a tab interaction where the user is free to visit any of the topics (tabs) at any time and in any order.  I have disabled the tabs until the user completes the topic before being set back to "normal" so they then can navigate to a different tab or topic.  I have also created a variable that displays a button called "summary" after all the topics have all been completed that takes the user to a summary and completed slide to exit the course.

Here are the problems I can't seem to figure out:

  • The client wants the tabs to have a visited state (color change) so the user knows what they have and haven't visited but still wants the ability to go back to previously visited topics.  I have the states to go back to "normal" after the topic is finished so the user can go back to a topic...
  • When a user has gone through all topics and the Summary button is displayed - if they don't take the opportunity to go to the summary slide and exit the course, the vicious cycle starts all over again and they have to visit all topics before seeing that summary button again!  How do I get it to stay once all topics are visited and they navigate to another topic?

Any help is TOTALLY appreciated!



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I checked this out for about 30 minutes but there is a lot to go through here.

One thing that may help is that visited is a built in state so you dont need triggers for it.  That will cut a lot of triggers out for you.

When troubleshooting I will make a text box and put all of my variables in it and place it on the slides I am troubleshooting.  This will allow you to see which of your conditions are not being met for the trigger to fire. This allows you to hone in on the problem quicker as you have a lot of content to go through to make the conditions met so it is tough to do it for you.

If \I get a chance later I will take another look at over lunch.


Jeffrey Riley

I am working on this for Rachel. Our main question is why when the summary button is normal, does it reset to hidden when the learner goes back to a topic? We don't have any triggers to reset the button (shape) and the slides are set to Automatically Decide.

What was intended to happen is the Summary button should appear in normal view on any slide after the learner has been through the course.

I hope that clarifies what we are trying to do.

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