Visited Slide Query

Mar 06, 2023

I have built a course that has a course topics slide. On this slide are 5 topics that are linked to 5 scenes. Once they have visited a topic, a green tick appears over the topic so that the learner knows exactly where they have been in the course and where next they need to go. I have set these up as states.

In order to help the learners navigate, I have added a 'back to topics' button on each slide for them to go back to the topics page at any point in the course, should they need to. 

When they click on this button to return back to the topics, how can I set the course up so that the states are still set to visited when they have already been chosen?

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Walt Hamilton

I'm not sure I trust the built-in Visited states. I much prefer a custom state like in the sample at this discussion:

The Restricted Navigation does not show the link to the next section until the previous section has been viewed. The Mixed Navigation allows the various sections to be visited in any order, but does not allow going to the End until all sections have been viewed. The Free Navigation allows the sections to be visited in any order, and the End to be visited at any time.
If you have to have the Built-in visited state, try setting the Topic slide properties to return to saved state on revisit. 
Personally, I don't like that approach because all they have to do is click on the link, return to the topic page from the first page on the scene, and that scene shows as finished (Visited). If you use a custom state,you can hold off giving them credit for the section until the last slide is visited.