Superscript in player title

Apr 20, 2015

Good afternoon.
I've done some digging around the forums and see that there is a feature request out for superscripts with respect to notes.

Just curious if anyone knew how to get a superscript into a title on the player template. For example, I want to trade mark a phrase (TM) but have it super scripted appearing on the player title (top right of the player when previewed and published).


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Danielle Schisler

Hi Ashley,

I was wondering if you had any update on this topic, the ability to make a registered trademark superscript in the player. We do courses for a lot of companies that have registered trademarks on their products that end up in course titles, so we'd like to be able to superscript that in the player.


Danielle Schisler

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your response. The regular trademark symbol comes in superscript, but the registered trademark ® is what I'm having issues with. I tried copying it from the site you listed, but it still comes in the same size as the rest of the title in the player. I've attached images of how it looks in the text field when I edit the player and how it actually looks on the player.


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