Survey questions a, b, c, d etc beside answers

Aug 17, 2015

Hi everyone,


i just wanted to know if it was possible to be able to have the letters of the corresponding answer next to the answer in Slide View of a survey questionnaire. I understand that I can just make a bunch of text boxes for each answer, but in Form View when creating the survey questions/answers it has A, B, C, D etc... down the left side.


I'm probably just over looking something, help appreciated thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ros,

It's not included in the questions even though you see it in the form view. It's been something users have mentioned in the form of a feature request - and you could also look at including it in the answer itself or on the slide in a text box. With that set up you'll want to turn off shuffling so that they are listed in the correct order each time. 

Ros McNamee

Ah OK that's fine if it is not a feature. I was simply wondering if there was a shortcut I could take. No problem anyway as the function of the questionnaire I'm designing doesnt work with the quiz layouts that are presnt in Storyline. So in the end doesnt matter much to my project, but thanks for the response and hopefully itll be added in the future. 

Media Dynamics

I hope this gets added as a feature because if you include the A,B,C,D in the answer box and the answer has a line break, the second line of text appears under the A, B, C or D and it looks messy. If you instead include the letters as a separate text box outside the question, it does not always line up upon preview or publish. The best fix I found is to select the answer, click the icon to made it a bulleted list, click the "bullets and numbering..." link on the drop down and have the answer "start at" whatever number you want it to be.


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